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  • Berra Tawahongva

    No one really knows how long the Hopi People have lived in the Four Corners. What we do know is that it has been for a very long time. The history of these ancient People are scattered across the Four Corners and Southwest with abandoned ruins and petroglyphs. Today’s Hopi draw on the past to shape the way they live today, and artists like Berra Tawahongva are in tune with his culture. Perry Null Trading How did you get involved with jewelry? Berra Tawahongva Well, I wanted to attend college after graduating from high school. That ... [Read More]

  • Oscar Alexius

    Oscar Alexius Perry Null Trading When did you first get into the rodeo lifestyle? Oscar Alexius I was 16 when I rode a steer no horns in the Junior Rodeo. That was in high school. Then in the Pro-Am at 17 I started riding bare back. Perry Null Trading What was your first big rodeo? Oscar Alexius: The Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, 1968, I entered for the bare back competition, got bucked off. Perry Null Trading I always heard of you as a bull rider, when did you start riding the big ones? Oscar Alexius: I ... [Read More]

  • Elriggs Allen

    Short Bio Elriggs Allen is a Navajo painter whose work is traditionally inspired abstract and impressionistic art. Elriggs is self taught and teaches at the Whispering Wind studios in Shiprock, NM. ... [Read More]

  • Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson and a bracelet tufa negative Introduction Navajo artist Aaron Anderson is lots of things, but if you had to use one word to describe him I would say “real” works perfectly. This is one guy that doesn’t shy from telling you exactly what he thinks. Also he has an innate way of explaining his design as if he was a teacher to a student knowing every detail of his work. Aaron is not afraid to have his work sit next to the “big names” of tufa art, in fact he welcomes to have his unique designs, ... [Read More]

  • Christine Banteah

    Christine Banteah Short Bio Christine Banteah is a Zuni fetish carver who likes to carve owls, but does other traditional fetishes as well. She was taught by her husband, Terry Banteah. ... [Read More]

  • John Y Bedonie

    John Y Bedonie Short Bio John Y Bedonie is known for classic, traditional silver work. His grandfather was Hosteen Jim, his mother was Betty Bedonie, his father was Jim Bedonie, and he has a very well known son, Ronnie (Ron) Bedonie, and daughter, Pat Bedonie. ... [Read More]

  • Ron Bedonie

    Ron Bedonie with one of his concho belts Introduction The concho belt is the artist’s masterpiece. No one starts as a silversmith by making a belt, but instead works and continues to learn until they become mastered in their craft. When you come across old pictures of one of the most famous Navajo silversmiths of all-time, Slender Maker of Silver, he seems to be most proud of his belts. Artists like Vernon Haskie & Perry Shorty make the concho belt the most collectible piece of their work. So, when Ron Bedonie showed up with his masterpiece we asked ... [Read More]

  • Darryl Dean Begay

    Perry Null Trading: How does one become such a great artist? Did you start at a young age? Amazing teachers? How? Darryl Dean Begay: (smiles) My uncle, Bobby Begay, asked me to help him get ready for a show in Mesa Verde, that was 1997. Perry Null Trading: 1997? You graduated from Chinle High School in 1991 and the first time you make a piece of silver is 1997? Darryl Begay: I was working and going to school, just living. When my Uncle asked me to go I was very open to that. He ... [Read More]

  • Harrison Begay

    Perry Null Trading: I imagine many people would like their picture with you, do you get to charge for that? Harrison Begay: I don’t charge for pictures, just interviews. Perry Null Trading: How old are you? Harrison Begay: They tell me I was born in 1914, but I do not know. They didn’t take a census at that time on the Reservation. Perry Null Trading: Where was your home as a child? Harrison Begay: I am from White Cone, which is north of Holbrook, AZ. Perry Null Trading: Your art has taken you all over ... [Read More]

  • Jenny Begay Navajo Basket Weaver

    Jenny Begay Navajo Basket Weaver Growing up close to the Navajo Reservation you always hear stories of the long hairs from the Navajo Mountain area. The Navajo men from this area keep their hair long, which is a traditional style. When the Navajos were being rounded up and taken on the Long Walk many fled north and hid from the soldiers. Since then we think of the people isolated in the North as holding on to more traditions. Basket weavers come from this area, and so does Jenny Begay Navajo basket weaver. Jenny Begay Navajo Basket Weaver with daughter ... [Read More]

  • Philander Begay

    Perry Null Trading How long have you been making jewelry? Philander Begay I started about four years ago. Perry Null Trading Have you always done cast work? Philander Begay That is all I work with. Perry Null Trading So have you become an expert on tufa stone? Philander Begay When I first started I use to go to the supply houses and buy the tufa that most everyone was using. I learned that it was of a very low grade. Eventually I was given some from Hopi that was high grade, and now I get it for myself ... [Read More]

  • Steven J Begay

    Perry Null Trading: How long have you & Kari been together? Steven J Begay: We have been together for 34 years. Perry Null Trading: How did you get involved in working silver? Steven J Begay: I was at Fort Wingate School and the silver workshop needed some help. A silversmith left them so they brought me in and I started working on silver. That is where I learned the basics, solder work and stamping. Perry Null Trading: How long did you work for them? Steven J Begay: I worked for them two weeks, then went to Holbrook and ... [Read More]

  • Arland Ben

    Arland Ben Navajo Silversmith Navajo silversmith Arland Ben is a man of many worlds. He grew up in the Four Corners area, but would eventually head to California where he completed his junior and senior high school years, only returning home in the summers. After that would follow a college education in Utah. Then starting his part-time silversmith career. Along the way he'd compete in rodeos, wrestling, coaching, raise two boys and get some screen time in major Hollywood productions. Arland lives a full life and that is expressed through his art. Perry Null Trading Where did you ... [Read More]

  • Shirley Benn

    Shirley and Virgil Benn Intro: Tewa artist Shirley Benn has been influenced by both the Zuni & Hopi cultures. Her family is full of famous potters, yet she creates amazing pieces of channel inlay art. A book is being written about her family, one that has had a very important influence on the art of the Hopi. It is always fascinating to listen to Shirley Benn. Perry Null Trading So, you grow up in Hopi? Shirley Benn I was born in Hopi and lived on the First Mesa, Polacca, until I was 2 years old. Perry Null Trading ... [Read More]

  • Virgil Benn

    Perry Null Trading When did you and your wife begin making jewelry? Virgil Benn In the late 1960s. Perry Null Trading What style of work did you first start to make? Virgil Benn We have always done the channel inlay work. We are the first to use the etching in our work, which gives our pieces a life like look. In the beginning we did mostly animals, but over the years we have done everything you can think of. I have even done a bull and bronc rider. Perry Null Trading Did you start to make different things ... [Read More]

  • Jasper Beyuka

    Jasper Beyuka Fetishes Jasper Beyuka Short Bio Jasper Beyuka is a Zuni fetish carver. He credits his parents Edward and Madeline Beyuka as teachers. He is related to artists Jonathan Beyuka, Jasper Beyuka, Philbert Beyuka, Cheryl Westika (sister), Allison Beyuka (brother), Ione Beyuka, and Jeb Beyuka. ... [Read More]

  • Harrison Bitsue

    Perry Null Trading: How did you get involved with making jewelry? Harrison Bitsue: I was born into it. My grandfather began teaching me when I was a little boy. Perry Null Trading: How long had your family been making jewelry? Harrison Bitsue: My grandfather was Charlie Bitsue. He was always a silversmith, he can be found in some of the early books about Navajo jewelry. Trader C.G. Wallace gave him lots of work, he would make the silver housing for the Zuni inlayers. Perry Null Trading: Who else in your family is a silversmith? Harrison Bitsue: My father Albert ... [Read More]

  • Arnold Blackgoat

    Perry Null Trading: How are things going? Arnold Blackgoat: Pretty good, a store on the Plaza in Santa Fe has put my work in it’s own showcase. Perry Null Trading: That’s great, makes you feel good. It seems like you have lots of family members that makes silver, give me a quick family tree? Arnold Blackgoat: My great grandfather is Moses Blackgoat, he was the first in my family to make silver jewelry. He was from the Lupton area and started around the early 1900s. He passed on the trade to my grandparents, Ben & Helen Blackgoat. ... [Read More]

  • Eddie Bonnie Navajo Rug Weaver

    Eddie Bonnie Navajo Rug Weaver   Take a 20 minute drive south of Ganado, Arizona and you will find Wide Ruins. It is a dirt road in and out of this small community that is built up around a boarding school. This area is known for rugs, beautiful rugs. Across from the old torn down Wide Ruins Trading Post you will find the remains of a sheep dipping camp. Like many of today’s artists Eddie Bonnie Navajo rug weaver learned when he was little from watching his grandmother and mother. Eddie Bonnie Navajo Rug Weaver Perry Null Trading When ... [Read More]

  • Lena Boone Zuni Fetish Carver

    Lena Boone Zuni Fetish Carver It is in her blood. Zuni artist Lena Boone carves fetishes, and so does her sister Dinah. The craft was passed down from her grandfather, Teddie Weahkee. He is one of Zuni’s most famous artists. So it only makes sense that the girl who left for Cleveland, Ohio would come back to the Pueblo and make fetishes for the next 46 years. Lena Boone, Zuni Fetish Carver Perry Null Trading Your sister is Dinah Gasper?   Lena Boone Yes, Dinah is my younger sister and along with her late husband Pete they made table ... [Read More]

  • Iva Booqua

    Short Bio Zuni artist Iva Booqua has been making needlepoint jewelry for over twenty years. She usually works with turquoise and makes a variety of earrings, pin, pendants, belts and squash blossom necklaces. She was taught by her mother Florence. ... [Read More]

  • Hugh Bowekaty

    Introduction: Zuni artist Hugh Bowekaty has been making jewelry for a living since 1948 when he was a young 21 years old. His style is classic Zuni needlepoint, but when he first started doing it the technique was only a couple of years old, new to Zuni artists. When “ZUNI The Art and the People Vol. 3” came out in the 1970's he talks about how his work became well known with collectors outside of the area. Hugh is now in his 80's and took a few minutes to visit us on a selling trip into Gallup. Perry Null ... [Read More]

  • Nelvin Burbank

    Short Bio Nelvin Burbank is known for heavy stampwork and use of big, clear stones. His father is Nelson Burbank, and he is related to these artists: Herman Smith, Calvin Martinez, Terry Martinez, Rick Martinez, Leon Martinez, Ernest Begay, Lee Charley and Fredrick Brown ... [Read More]

  • Michael Calladitto -Navajo Stampwork Designs

    Michael Calladitto Short Bio Michael Calladitto is a Navajo jeweler who creates traditional Navajo stampwork designs. Michael credits his father,  Hoskie Sr, as his stampwork design teacher. ... [Read More]

  • Lee Charley

    Interview with Lee Charley, silversmith Perry Null Trading: Lets talk family, your wife? Lee Charley: Her name is Karen, it is Calvin Martinez’s younger sister. Perry Null Trading: I knew you were related somehow to him, do you have lots of relatives that do silver work? Lee Charley: My brother is Ernest Rangel, and you know that their are lots of brothers and sisters to Calvin. Other than that, no, just lots of silversmiths that I know and have a good relationship with. Perry Null Trading: Where did you grow up? Lee Charley: Thoreau, I graduated from high ... [Read More]

  • Vivian Rose Charley

    Vivian Rose Charley Vivian Rose Charley creates story teller style ovelay. She credits her brothers, Jeremy and Jereme Delgarito as teachers. ... [Read More]

  • Merlinda Chavez

    Short Bio Merlinda Chavez is known for needlepoint and pettipoint cluster style jewelry (traditional Zuni designs). She was taught by her father Wayne Hooee. ... [Read More]

  • Lance Cheama

    Lance Cheama Short Bio Lance Cheama is perhaps one of the best known contemporary (2014) Zuni fetish carvers. He credits his brother Dan Quam, as teacher. He has taught his wife, Karen Cheama the craft as well. He is related to artists Arvella Cheama (sister), and brothers Fabian Cheama, Wilford Cheama, and Dan Quam. ... [Read More]

  • Peterson Chee

    Peterson Chee Short Bio Peterson Chee creates truly amazing tufa cast jewelry. He is self-taught, but worked for Ray Tracey for some time. He is related to artists Tom Chee Sr, and Shyanne Chee (daughter). ... [Read More]

  • Monty Claw

    Navajo artist Monty Claw just finished an interview with Native Peoples Magazine that will be released during this year’s Santa Fe Indian Market. The road to artistic recognition was a long one that started when he was five years old.   Monty Claw Navajo Painting, Bead & Tufa Cast Artist Perry Null Trading You grew up in Gallup? Monty Claw Yes, I grew up here and graduated from Gallup High School. Perry Null Trading So how did you get interested in art? Did you have family members who made art? Monty Claw My dad did bead ... [Read More]

  • Shirley Comb Navajo Rug Weaver

    Shriley Comb Navajo Rug Weaver Shirley Comb Navajo Rug Weaver I can’t imagine weaving not being one of the first skills of ancient peoples. It was used to make shoes, clothing, blankets and baskets. In this part of the world technologies didn’t change much. The groups in the Americas kept perfecting weaving. Today it has moved from a utilitarian purpose to one of art. When Shirley Comb was a little girl her mother would begin to teach her to weave.   Perry Null Trading Do you remember when you first started weaving?   Shirley Comb My father passed away ... [Read More]

  • Valerie Comosona

    Valerie Comosona creates fun and sometimes whimsical inlay jewelry. She credits Theodore Edaakie, Andrea L. Shirley, and Eloise Edaakie as teachers. She has taught Justin C. Natewa and Theo V. Natewa. She is related to artists Eloise Edaakie, Andres Lonjose, Andrea L. Shirley, Stephan Lonjose, and India Comosona. ... [Read More]

  • Bobby Concho

    Short Bio Bobby Concho is famous for his mosaic and channel inlay work. He is currently teaching his son Derrick Concho. ... [Read More]

  • Stanford and Diane Cooche

    Perry Null Trading: Thanks for taking time to chat with us, Stanford and Diane Cooche.  When did you start making jewelry? Stanford Cooche: I started at a young age. Originally I made shadowbox rings and did some fetish carving. It wasn’t until in the early 80's that I began the style I do today, channel inlay. Perry Null Trading: What made you start this style? Stanford Cooche: My father, Celestine Cooche was doing this work and it was during the jewelry boom of the 80's, and he couldn’t fill orders. I was in my early twenties. Perry Null ... [Read More]

  • Edmund Cooeyate

    Short Bio Edmund Cooeyate is known for needlepoint cluster jewelry, and was taught by his step-father. One of his students is Judy Wallace. ... [Read More]

  • Harlan Coonsis

    Perry Null Trading: How did your art career begin? Harlan Coonsis: My late Grandpa had sheep, so all of us Grandkids would help. They lived by Nutria, an area where they had very dense clay. Herding sheep can be a very slow operation with lots of time to do other things, so we would collect this clay and make carvings. It would have to be dunked in some water and then cut. What we didn’t finish while herding the sheep, we would take home to work on. Perry Null Trading: Are all of you grandkids still making jewelry? Harlan ... [Read More]

  • Thomas Curtis Sr

    Intro: On the Navajo Reservation you will find lots of silversmiths and rodeo cowboys. Animals are a way of life, just like silver is. Legendary Navajo silversmith Thomas Curtis Sr. excels at both. He has had an amazing career and might be in more demand now then when he was younger. Perry Null Trading: I am always fascinated by a story I once read about you trading a piece of silver for a pick-up truck, is this true? Thomas Curtis Sr: Yes, I had made a vase for the 1987 Indian Market. The piece won the “Best of ... [Read More]

  • Tressa Curtis

    Perry Null Trading: How old were you the first time you made a basket? Tressa Curtis: I was 12 years old when I made my first basket. It was a small traditional Navajo wedding basket and I sold it for $50. Perry Null Trading: Who taught you? Tressa Curtis: My mother would teach me when I wasn’t in school. Perry Null Trading: Where are you from? Tressa Curtis: I grew up in Shonto, AZ. Perry Null Trading: That is very remote, did you go to school in Shonto? Tressa Curtis: I went to the boarding school there until high ... [Read More]

  • Harold Davidson

    Perry Null Trading: How did you get involved with carvings? Harold: In 1987 I began helping a Jemez carver by the name of Marvin Toya with his work. He did lots of shows and I worked with him to help him get ready. Perry Null Trading: Was it difficult to learn? Harold: I was working in a welding shop at the time, so I would work with cutting small things and working with my hands. It was a very natural transition for me. Perry Null Trading: How did you get out on your own? Harold: I had made ... [Read More]

  • Calvin Desson

    Introduction Navajo artist Calvin Desson creates magic with his spectacular inlay work. He brings rocks to life with scenes inspired from his Navajo Reservation upbringing. His work amazes all of us here at the Trading Post and we have been fortunate enough to see lots of pieces. Last year he won a blue ribbon for a bolo, and we imagine more and more awards will be coming his way as his career progresses. Perry Null Trading Where did you grow up? Calvin Desson I am from the Lupton area. Perry Null Trading Did you go through school there? ... [Read More]

  • Virgil Dishta

    Perry Null Trading: Your style is known as the Dishta style. Who was the first the first Dishta to make this type of inlay jewelry? Virgil: My father, Frankie Dishta, was the first to make this style. Perry Null Trading: The names are always confusing because each of you are referred to as Dishta? Virgil: Yes, my son Vincent makes this same style and continues the family tradition. Perry Null Trading: Did you learn from your parents? Virgil: Yes, my father and mother taught me how to make jewelry. They would get lots of orders from C.G. Wallace and ... [Read More]

  • Beverly Etsate

    Beverly Etsate Beverly Etsate creates overlay and inlay figures, blossoms, holiday themes, corn style inlay, and needlepoint. She was taught by Rosalie Pinto, and was one of Tracy Bowekaty's teachers. Her sons Todd and Carl Etsate are also artists. ... [Read More]

  • Robert Eustace

    Robert Eustace Robert Eustace created a contemporary version of Zuni cluster jewelry and incorporated gorgeous carved turquoise. ... [Read More]

  • Navajo Silversmith Melvin Francis

    Melvin Francis Short Bio Navajo silversmith Melvin Francis is a very well known contemporary jeweler. His style is typically simple yet elegant silverwork and colorful stones. He does many kinds of silver work including unique custom fabrication, overlay, and traditional stampwork. He credits his father, Ted Francis, as teacher. He is related to Fred Francis, a silversmith (uncle), Myrtle Francis (sister), Marlynn Francis (sister), weaver Melvina Francis (sister), weaver Erma Francis (mother), and weaver Anna Clyde (aunt). ... [Read More]

  • Victoria Garcia

    Short Bio Victoria Garcia was taught pottery making by her grandmother, and has taught her daughter, Ipsha. Her parents are William and Margaret Estevan. ... [Read More]

  • Teddy Goodluck Sr

    Introduction Teddy Goodluck Sr comes from a family of artists. His father Tom Goodluck ranched and made silver for a living. His grandfather Hosteen Goodluck was very important in the early years of Navajo silver and is credited with being instrumental in making this a “path” for so many artists. However, Teddy didn’t start making jewelry until he was in his thirties, but with it so rich in his blood and was going to happen. Perry Null Trading >What year were you born? Teddy Goodluck Sr 1937. Perry Null Trading Did you know your Grandfather? Teddy Goodluck Sr No, ... [Read More]

  • Delbert Gordon

    Perry Null Trading: In the Navajo culture when a man marries his wife he goes to live with her and her family. So where are you originally from? Delbert Gordon: I am originally from Houck, Arizona. Perry Null Trading: Did you attend school in that area? Delbert Gordon: When I first started school it was at the Pine Springs Boarding School. I did not have to stay in the dorms, but would come home each day because we lived close. After that I attended Hunters Point and then went to the Tohatchi High School Boarding School. Perry Null ... [Read More]

  • Vernon Hale

    Short Bio Vernon Hale and his wife Clarissa Hale are a husband and wife team. They are known for multi-color & solid cluster work using heavy gauge silver. Clarissa learned jewelry making from her parents, David and Alice Lister. ... [Read More]

  • Clarissa Hale

    Short Bio Clarissa Hale and her husband Vernon Hale are a husband and wife team. They are known for multi-color & solid cluster work using heavy gauge silver. Clarissa learned jewelry making from her parents, David and Alice Lister. ... [Read More]

  • Ben Haley

    Ben Haley creates contemporary Native American art, and was taught by his mother, Ruby Haley. He is the husband of Natasha Peshlakai. ... [Read More]

  • Natasha Peshlakai

    Natasha Peshlakai is famous for glyph and icon stampwork in her contemporary jewelry. She learned her craft from her well known father, Norbert Peshlakai. She is related to artists, Ben Haley (husband), Luke Haley (son), Linda and Norbert Peshlakai (parents), and Aaron Peshlakai (brother). ... [Read More]

  • Claudine Haloo

    Claudine Haloo, Zuni Potter Claudine Haloo, Zuni artisan from the Parrot and Sun Child clans Claudine Haloo is capable artist who has made works in coil pottery, silver and inlay jewelry, and stone carved fetishes. In 1987 Zuni offered a vocational program that taught pottery making. Her teachers were Eileen Yatsattie Gabriel Paloma. Later she would be taught fetish carving from her sister Claudia and late brother Colvin Pena. In 1990 she began making jewelry after her mother Tina Haloo Gasper taught her. ... [Read More]

  • Vernon Haskie

    Intro: When you meet Navajo artist Vernon Haskie you don’t get the feeling that you are talking to one of the greatest Native American artists of his generation. Art is not his only passion and he feels very comfortable talking about cars, guns, biology, or whatever topic comes up. Like his art, this is a genuine human being that you will never forget meeting. Perry Null Trading: Well, how does it all begin for Vernon Haskie? Vernon Haskie: I was nine years old, my parents have left me alone at the house, and I wanted to make a ... [Read More]

  • Bernadette Lateyice Hattie

    Bernadette Lateyice-Hattie Bernadette Lateyice Hattie creates traditional Zuni inlay, and likes to create flower designs. She credits her parents Josie and Radolph Lateyice as teachers and has taught her son, Darrell Chapito. ... [Read More]

  • Old Style Navajo Jewelry - Betty & Ernest Hawthorne

    Betty and Ernest Hawthorne Squash Blossom Necklace Short Bio Betty and Ernest Hawthorne are Navajo jewelers known for truly amazing old style Navajo jewelry including Squash Blossom necklaces. Betty credits her brother Robert Curly as teacher. ... [Read More]

  • Clive J Hustito

    Clive J Hustito with art and awards Short Bio Clive J Hustito is a self-taught Zuni fetish carver and sculptor. He commonly carves non-traditional fetishes, and has an emotive, detailed style. He has been instrumental in teaching Jonas Hustito, Skey Hustito, Matthias Hustito, and Kameron Hustito. He is also related to artists Charles and Rosalie Hustito. ... [Read More]

  • Jerrod Hustito

    Jerrod Hustito Short Bio Jerrod Hustito is a Zuni jeweler known for complex channel inlay. He credits his grandfather, Jason Hustito, father, and Adners Hustito as his teachers.  ... [Read More]

  • Lester James

    Perry Null Trading Last year (2013), you were awarded Honorable Mention for an inlay bracelet at the Navajo Nation Fair. That was considered the third best piece of art. Is this the first time your work had been in a judged show? Lester James No, in 2012 I did the lapidary work on a piece called “Starry Night” with Aaron Anderson that won first place at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. My first win was the Navajo Nation Fair in 2005. Perry Null Trading Ok, so you won an award nine years ago. Your work is relatively new to ... [Read More]

  • Harrison Jim

    Harrison Jim bracelet, buckle, and his handmade stamps Perry Null Trading: Lets start with the basics, are you from Gallup? Harrison Jim I graduated from Gallup High School in 1988 and was born and raised here. Perry Null Did you go to college after graduation? Harrison I went to the Gallup Branch and studied Criminal Justice. I wanted to be a Police Officer, but I started doing jewelry fulltime and did not complete my studies. Perry Null So, how did you get involved with jewelry making? Harrison I was always interested in jewelry. My Aunt and Grandma ... [Read More]

  • Jewel Kagenveama

    Introduction Japanese art collectors have become fascinated by Native American Art. It is not uncommon for us to see several buyers from Japan come into the Trading Post during one business day. Recently Navajo artist Lyndon Tsosie just returned from a trip to Japan where he did demonstrations and met with Native American art enthusiasts. We just met with Hopi basket weaver Jewel Kagenveama who was invited to Japan to teach about her craft. Perry Null Trading How long have you been weaving baskets? Jewel I started when I was about 12 years old. My mother (Rowena Kagenveama) is ... [Read More]

  • Chester Kahn

    Chester Kahn Introduction I have never seen many jewelry pieces made by Chester Kahn, but the ones I have are absolutely amazing. His work has a definite Navajo influence with that once in a generation artistic touch. Chester has been creating, learning & sharing art for more than five decades and was honored with the title “Living Treasure” in 2008. Perry Null Trading When John Adair was working on his book, The Navajo & Pueblo Silver, he spent a considerable amount of time in Pine Springs. Do you remember this? Chester Kahn I was just a child when ... [Read More]

  • Rick Kallestewa

    Rick Kallestewa Short Bio Rick Kallestewa is a Zuni fetish carver, taught by his grandfather, Simon Bica. He is related to potter Janita Kallestewa (mother). ... [Read More]

  • Monica Kanesta

    Monica Kanesta creates typical channel inlay jewelry. She was taught by her mother, Verna Kanesta. ... [Read More]

  • Arlo Kanteena

    Arlo Kanteena Short Bio Arlo Kanteena is a Zuni jeweler who creates classic needlepoint cluster work. He credits his mother, Rose Kanteena, and his uncle, Raybert Kanteena, as teachers. ... [Read More]

  • Maxx Laate

    Maxx Laate Maxx Laate is a self-taught Zuni fetish carver. His work is intricate and detailed, and he seems to prefer working with antler. He is related to Willard Laate and the late Pernell Laate. ... [Read More]

  • Willard Laate

    Willard Laate Willard Laate is a self-taught fetish carver, and is related to Maxx Laate. His work tends to be more realistic, and he likes to carve from antler. ... [Read More]

  • Nancy and Ruddell Lanconsello

    Introduction Collectors everywhere recognize the work of Nancy and Ruddell Lanconsello. Their amazing jewelry is pretty hard to miss, stunning mosaic inlay displayed in very unique and signature patterns. However, you hardly see the two together and to get the chance to visit with them both was special. Perry Null Trading I always here the name Jacob (Jake) Haloo and how he taught all of these great Zuni inlay artists, how is he related to you?  Nancy and Ruddell Laconsello He is my father. My mother, Lola Haloo helped him and was as important, but you never hear ... [Read More]

  • Roel Lahi - Zuni Inlay Artist

    Roel Lahi - Zuni Inlay Artist Zuni silversmith Roel Lahi began making jewelery in 1991. His mother, Arlita Lahi taught him how to make jewelry. He specializes in channel inlay work, and makes a variety of of styles including bracelets and rings. Roel uses traditional stones like turquoise and coral, plus loves to add colorful cuts of synthetic opal in his work. #gallery-1 {margin: auto;} #gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 50%;} #gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;} #gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;padding-left:0;} Zuni silversmith Roel Lahi ... [Read More]

  • Edwin Lalacita

    Short Bio Edwin Lalacita is 3/4 Zuni 1/4 Navajo and was taught by his mother, father, and uncles. ... [Read More]

  • Calvert Lamy

    Short Bio Calvert Lamy is a Zuni artist who specializes in snake eye jewelry. He started making jewelry in 1978. ... [Read More]

  • Bryan Lastyone

    Bryan Lastyone Fetishes Bryan Lastyone Short Bio Bryan Lastyone is a self-taught Zuni fetish carver. He is related to artist Janet Massie (mother). ... [Read More]

  • Joseph Latoma

    Joseph and Nora Latoma Joseph Latoma is a self-taught Zuni potter and jeweler. He works with his wife Nora, and is related to the Baubaloo and Latoma families. ... [Read More]

  • Robert and Bernice Leekya

    Perry Null Trading: Robert and Bernice Leekya, How long have you been married? Robert We married February 15, 1953. It was during a Night Dance we met (Zuni humor). Perry Null Trading: Who are your parents? Robert My father Robert was Leekya Deyuse. He was a fetish carver. Bernice My parents were Warren & Doris Ondelacy. I had one sister, Alice Quam, and two brothers, Andy & William. Perry Null Trading: What do you remember of your parents from when you were young? Robert I can remember my father wanting to teach me how to carve stones. ... [Read More]

  • Irene Lomayaktewa

    Perry Null Trading How long have you been making baskets? Irene Lomayaktewa My mother taught me when I was very young. The first basket I completed on my own was when I was in 6th grade. Perry Null Trading Do you still have the basket? Irene Lomayaktewa No, I finished it in the summer time and sold it for five dollars. That would have been in the 1960s. Perry Null Trading Do you remember the basket? Irene Lomayaktewa Yes, it was small and had the head of a mudhead on it. Perry Null Trading So you have been ... [Read More]

  • Lawrence Loretto

    Example inlay bracelet by Lawrence Loretto Lawrence Loretto Lawrence Loretto creates classic Zuni channel inlay.  You can see more of his work by coming in to Perry Null Trading Company in Gallup, New Mexico. ... [Read More]

  • Donovan M Mahkee, Zuni Inlay Artist

    Donovan M Mahkee, Zuni Inlay Artist Zuni silversmith Donovan M Mahkee began making jewelry in 1991. He specializes in small animal and fish channel inlay pieces. Donovan will use traditional turquoise and coral stones, as well as the unusual pieces like colorful shells. His work is always filled with character. You will find that he makes different styles, like hard to find tie-tacs that always make great gifts. #gallery-1 {margin: auto;} #gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 50%;} #gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;} #gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;padding-left:0;} Zuni artist Donovan Mahkee. ... [Read More]

  • Lewis Malie Jr

    Lewis Malie Short Bio Lewis Malie Jr is a self-taught Zuni fetish carver known for detailed, semi-realistic work. ... [Read More]

  • Calvin Martinez

    Perry Null Trading: When did you first begin making jewelry? Calvin Martinez: I started in 1970 when I was 14 years old. My family made jewelry so that is where I got my start. In the beginning I did lots of cast work. Perry Null Trading: Today do you still use those same techniques? Calvin Martinez: Yes, it is like I make my jewelry from scratch. Instead of buying sheet silver I will buy scrap silver and melt that down and then use my roller to get the desired thickness. My jewelry is all handmade from start to ... [Read More]

  • Claudia Martza

    Short Bio Claudia Martza typically makes inlay angels. Taught by her brother, Gabriel Shetima, her parent are artists Louise and Linchen Sr. Shetima. ... [Read More]

  • Rochelle Quam Najera

    Short Bio Zuni artist and fetish carver Rochelle Quam Najera is married to Esteban Najera. Her husband is her teacher. Rochelle is the granddaughter of Zuni cluster jewelry artist Alice Quam. ... [Read More]

  • Gene Natan

    Francis and Gene Natan Short Bio Gene Natan is a Navajo jeweler very well known for his traditional and old style jewelry. Originally taught by his mother, Elsie Natan, his colorful and gorgeous stone selection and old fabrication style has been a hallmark of his work from the beginning. He has taught his wife, Francis Natan, and his son, Gabriel Natan. ... [Read More]

  • Peter E Natewa

    Peter Natewa carving, "Frog on Lilipad" Short Bio Peter E Natewa is a Zuni fetish carver. ... [Read More]

  • Brenda Nez

    Perry Null Trading: You are a Navajo married to a Hopi, but your last name is Navajo? Brenda Nez: I use Brenda Nez-Joshevama. Perry Null Trading: When did you start weaving? Brenda Nez: I was seven years old. My mother Genevieve Nez taught me how to weave. I would sit beside her and watch her make her weavings. Perry Null Trading: Do you remember your first rug? Brenda Nez: Yes, I used my mother’s scraps and strung the warp on a box and that is what I used to weave my first rug. Perry Null Trading: Did you ... [Read More]

  • Leonard Nez

    Perry Null Trading: I know you are originally from Arizona and your wife is from New Mexico. Being from opposite ends of the Reservation how did you meet? Leonard Nez: We met through my sister. At first we became good friends, and then a couple of years later we married. Perry Null Trading: Do you have a big family? Leonard Nez: We have four children, two boys and two girls. The boys are the oldest, the oldest being 30 years old. They have a framing company and stay busy doing construction work. The girls the youngest, our baby is ... [Read More]

  • Lonn Parker, Silversmith

    Perry Null Trading Interview with Lonn Parker Perry Null Trading: Where were you born at and where did you go to school at? Lonn Parker I was born in Denver Colorado. I went to school in Utah. My mother, my sister and brothers all still live there. After High School I enlisted in the Marines and was station in California. It is there I meet my wife Lonie we have three boys. Perry Null Trading: How long have you been into your motorcycles? Lonn Parker I was about eleven when I started out on dirt bikes. I ... [Read More]

  • Lambert Perry

    Short Bio Lambert Perry is a well known Navajo jeweler, famous for both his traditional and his contemporary work. He credits his grandfather, John Lee, his mother, Lucy Perry, and his uncle Ceicle Perry as teachers. He has spent much time teaching his children and grandchildren the craft. ... [Read More]

  • Michael Perry

    Paige and Amber Perry, daughters of Michael Perry, holding their father's most recent concho belt Perry Null Trading Ford or Dodge?.. Michael Perry hmmm.... Well if I had to choose i'd say Dodge with Ford coming at a close second, as long as it's not a Chevy! Perry Null Trading Navajo Taco or Stuffed Sopapilla? Michael Perry I have a weakness for Navajo Tacos. Perry Null Trading Coral or Turquoise? Michael Perry Coral or Turquoise? I have to say Turquoise. When I first started making jewelry I used a lot of coral but over time I grew more ... [Read More]

  • Annabelle Peterson

    Annabelle Peterson Pendant Short Bio Annabelle Peterson is known for cobble stone style inlay in Navajo traditional designs. Her husband is artist Edison Yazzie. ... [Read More]

  • Kenneth Peywa - Zuni Cluster Style Jewelry

    Kenneth Peywa   Kenneth Peywa Necklace Short Bio Kenneth Peywa creates Zuni cluster style jewelry characterized by a large grouping of stones set in a metal, typically silver, bezel. He credits Jennie Eustace as his teacher. ... [Read More]

  • Dan Quam

    Dan Quam Fetish Dan Quam Short Bio Dan Quam is a Zuni fetish carver. He is related to artists Lance Cheama (brother), Wilfred Cheama, Fabian Cheama, and Arvella Cheama. ... [Read More]

  • Quinton Quam Sr

    Short Bio Quinton Quam Sr was taught inlay and jewelry making by Sammy and Esther Guardian. He is related to Connie Neqwetwan and Daniel Quam. ... [Read More]

  • Faye Quandelacy - Zuni Fetishes and Necklaces

    Faye Quandelacy with one of her fetish necklaces Short Bio Faye Quandelacy carves and creates Zuni fetishes and rather amazing fetish necklaces. Faye credits her mother, Ellen Quandelacy, father, Dixie Quandelacy, and grandfather, Johnny Quam as teachers. ... [Read More]

  • Stuart Quandelacy

    Stuart Quandelacy Stuart Quandelacy is primarily a fetish carver, but is also a silversmith. He credits Amy Wesley and Dickie Quandelacy as his teachers, and his parents are artists, Amy Wesley and Dickie Quandelacy . ... [Read More]

  • Ernest Rangel

    Perry Null Trading: I must ask, how did you get involved in the Wild West Show? Ernest Rangel I saw an ad in the paper for cowboys and I applied. I have been doing it since 1999. Perry Null Trading: How long do you stay in Europe for? Ernest Rangel I go for six months. It is becoming harder because my one son is wanting to do the rodeo and needed me there to teach him. Perry Null Trading: How did you get involved in making jewelry? Ernest Rangel I was 14 years old when my mother began teaching ... [Read More]

  • Gary Reeves

    Introduction Navajo silversmith Gary Reeves could possibly be one of the most recognized names in this industry. His work is found on websites all over the world and his showcase in our Trading Post always seems to have someone looking at it. He concentrates on filling his old style silver with lots of stamp patterns and using good pieces of turquoise, a winning combination. Perry Null Trading I know you are an avid golfer, how long have you been playing? Gary Reeves I started about 6 years ago, my friend Herbert Long got me started. Perry Null Trading ... [Read More]

  • Sunshine Reeves

    Sunshine Reeves with a huge, unique (he loves doing something new) Dragonfly bracelet. Introduction Navajo silversmith Sunshine Reeves is the popular guy, you know, the guy everyone knows by name and likes to be around. His silver work takes on those same attributes, it is work everyone likes and enjoys wearing all the time. People all over the world wear his work. No matter if it is a silver stamped bracelet or an elaborate silver jewelry box with several drawers, Sunshine makes it with style that is all his. Perry Null Trading: You grew up in Tohatchi? Sunshine ... [Read More]

  • Alex Sanchez

    Perry Null Trading: Did you grow up in Tohatchi? Alex Sanchez: Mexican Springs. I went to school in Tohatchi. Perry Null Trading: What year did you graduate? Alex Sanchez: I graduated in 1988. Perry Null Trading: You were State Champion in wrestling, what weight did you wrestle at? Alex Sanchez: I won at 167. When I was a junior I took third in State. Perry Null Trading: Did you play any other sports? Alex Sanchez: Football. We had some good teams, the best was my junior year. Perry Null Trading: What teams were in your District? Alex Sanchez: ... [Read More]

  • Bobby Silas and Timothy Edaakie Pottery Artists

    Bobby Silas and Timothy Edaakie Pottery Artists It seems that art in the Southwest goes in two directions. One direction is all about innovation and the artists using new techniques to create their pieces. Then you have those artists who are drawn to the past, and want to make works the same way their ancestors did. Artists Bobby Silas and Timothy Edaakie want to work like their ancestors did. Bobby Silas and Timothy Edaakie pottery artists Perry Null Trading How did you two meet?   Bobby Silas In 2004 I moved to Zuni from Hopi. My sister married a ... [Read More]

  • Charles and Lena Singer

    Short Bio Navajo Silversmiths Lena and Charles Singer Sterling Silver Chip Inlay Style Sterling Silver and Turquoise Chip Inlay Earrings by Navajo Silversmith Lena and Charles Singer Charles and Lena Singer are Navajo silversmiths. Charles is the brother of Tommy Singer. Tommy shared the chip inlay style with Charles in the 1960s in Shiprock, New Mexico. The brothers would later set up shop in Holbrook, Arizona during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Charles has done this style with his wife since that time. They have taught their son Clifton this technique. ... [Read More]

  • Anthony Skeets

    Anthony Skeets is a self-taught Navajo jeweler who works in both traditional and contemporary styles, and like butterflies!  We encourage you to come in and see his work for yourself here at Perry Null Trading Company! ... [Read More]

  • Abigail Smallcanyon

    Abigail Smallcanyon began helping her mother when she was three years old. She says by age six she had the hang of it. That was when she sold her first rug to a trading company in Shiprock, New Mexico. Now she is in her early twenties and making beautiful rugs. Her process of naturally dying her wool is what makes her rugs stand apart from commercially dyed pieces. This process is very labor intensive, and Abigail has taken a series of pictures to show that process. She begins by collecting things such as rabbit ... [Read More]

  • Edison Sandy Smith

    Introduction Some artists promote themselves and create work from being great salesmen. They will hit all the shows, dealers will put their work in their high dollar advertisements, and it just seems like everyone knows them. On the other hand you have artists like Edison Sandy Smith that aren’t concerned with making it a business, but are just really into what they do. Buyers pick up a piece of his work and just know that they want more and ask the question, who is this. Then one day everyone is looking for you and wants your work, well ... [Read More]

  • Herman Smith

    Perry Null Trading: How old were you when you began making jewelry? Herman Smith: I started when I was 15 years old, now I am in my forties. Perry Null Trading: Did you have any teachers, or are you self taught? Herman Smith: My mother Mary C. Yazzie taught me. I have three sisters and four brothers, she taught all of us how to make jewelry. Only one of us does not work with silver for a living. Perry Null Trading: Do your brother and sisters make the same style as you? Herman Smith: I am the only one ... [Read More]

  • Kirk Smith

    Perry Null Trading: How did you get started making jewelry? Kirk Smith: My grandfather made jewelry and began teaching me in the 1960s. He kept his workshop away from the house and was very secretive about it. In a canyon away from their hogan he had dug out the earth, and then placed brush and tree limbs over the top. This his the workshop, and you would not see it unless you knew it was there. Perry Null Trading: What would you do for your Grandfather? Kirk Smith: At first I helped him with soldering. I would use ... [Read More]

  • Kevin Takala

    Kevin Takala Bracelet Kevin Takala Short Bio Kevin Takala is a Hopi jeweler known for traditional Hopi overlay style jewelry such as the silver bracelet featured in the picture to the right. ... [Read More]

  • Wilbur Talashoma III

    Wilbur Talashoma III Short Bio Wilbur Talashoma III is a Hopi artist who makes gorgeous old style flat Kachina dolls. He credits his grandfather, Wilbur Talashoma Sr, his father, Wilbur Talashoma Jr and his uncle Lowell Talashoma as teachers. He is also related to artist, Lowell Talashoma Sr. ... [Read More]

  • Virgil B Teller

    Virgil B Teller carves beautiful, functional wooden Native American flutes. He credits Mike Goodluck as his teacher, and has taught Darwin Denetclaw and Levi Bowman in the craft. His father, Vernon D Teller, is also an artist. ... [Read More]

  • Aaron Toadlena

    Aaron Toadlena Introduction Creation is perhaps the single word that best describes the talent of Aaron Toadlena. He and Eve, his wife of twenty-one years and their two daughters, two sons, and grandson, live with the four sacred mountains of his people the Dine' in the southwest highlands of Arizona.Aaron, understands that his talent is a blessing from the Holy People, with this gift he has sustained the livelihood of his family. All of the jewelry made by Aaron are stamped with a hand print, which is symbolic of the creators five finger clan. The ideas and creation ... [Read More]

  • Bertha Tom

    Bertha Tom and one of her magnificent pots When you think of Navajo pottery dark pine pitched pieces usually come to mind. However Bertha Tom makes her pieces much more like the surrounding Pueblo potters. She uses ancient Anasazi designs to decorate her fabulous work, and many of them can be huge. This talented artist sits down to visit with us and talk about her art. Perry Null Trading Your pottery is so different from any Navajo work I have seen before. Was your mother or father a Pueblo? Bertha Tom No, I am all Navajo. Perry Null ... [Read More]

  • Roger Tsabetsaye

    Interview with Roger Tsabetsaye Zuni artist Roger Tsabetsaye comes from a very talented family. His sister, Edith Tsaybetsaye is known around the world for her needlepoint work. However, when you visit with Roger you realize right away he is not a jewelry maker, or a painter, but an artist. This fascinating man sees things a little differently than most of us . Perry Null Trading When did you get interested in jewelry? Roger Tsaybetsaye I was always drawn to art and went to the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Perry Null Trading When were you ... [Read More]

  • Lyndsay Von Tsalate

    Short Bio Lyndsay Von Tsalate Lyndsay Von Tsalate is a Zuni channel inlay artist. He began learning his craft at the age of 14 under the direction of his mother, Janelle Shebola. ... [Read More]

  • Ervin Tsosie Navajo Inlay Artist

    Ervin Tsosie Navajo Inlay Artist Navajo Artist Ervin Tsosie Ervin Tsosie Navajo inlay artist is not an easy man to get to know. First, he is very quiet and he doesn’t always seem to be comfortable with casual conversation. Ervin reflects most of his energy on family and culture, and if you are not familiar with the ways of the Dine you just might not get much out of the conversation. This quiet man makes pieces of art that speak loudly. Perry Null Trading What do you call your style of art, micro inlay? Ervin Tsosie ... [Read More]

  • Lois Tzuni

    Short Bio Lois Tzuni is a talented silversmith  known for her channel inlay. She learned from her mother, Marize Tzuni.  Come see her work in person at Perry Null Trading Company! ... [Read More]

  • Lorraine Waatsa

    Perry Null, Lorraine Waatsa and laughing children Perry Null Trading: When did you make your first piece of jewelry? Lorraine Waatsa: (smiles) I started in 1971 when I was still living with my parents. Perry Null Trading: Do you remember what it was? Lorraine Waatsa: I still have it, it was a small cluster pendant. My second piece showed much improvement and I sold that to Tobe Turpen. Perry Null Trading: Who taught you how to make your jewelry? Lorraine Waatsa: I learned from both my parents and grandparents. Perry Null Trading: So you started making jewelry for ... [Read More]

  • Selina Warner

    Selina Warner Selina Warner creates amazing old fashioned finish work in contemporary designs with many different stone and shell selections. She was taught by the masters themselves, Harry Morgan and Betty Joe. She is related to Betty Joe and Greg Pat. ... [Read More]

  • Beverly Weebothee

    Short Bio Beverly Weebothee was taught by her parents, Lee and Mary Weebothee, and is teaching her daughter as well. ... [Read More]

  • Evelyn White

    Short Bio Evelyn White was taught jewelry making by her mother.  You should come see Evenlyn White's work in person at Perry Null Trading Company! ... [Read More]

  • Justin Wilson Jr

    Justin Wilson Jr creates traditional cluster style jewelry. He learned the trade from his parents, Eunise and Justin Wilson Sr. His wife, Sarphina Wilson, works with him and uses the same hallmark. ... [Read More]

  • Kevin Yazzie - Navajo Tufa Cast Artist

    Navajo artist Aaron Anderson spent lots of years fighting demons. The combination of silver and tufa stone saved his life. Today Aaron opens his studio to anyone who wants to see him work, or has a desire to learn the art of tufa casting. Navajo artist Kevin Yazzie had never made a piece of jewelry until Aaron invited him to stop by his shop. Navajo tufa cast artist Kevin Yazzie Perry Null Trading Where did you grow up? Kevin Yazzie In Tohatchi. Perry Null Trading How was that? Kevin Yazzie It was great. My mom taught ... [Read More]