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Aaron Toadlena-Exceptional Navajo Silver & Turquoise Cuff

Aaron Toadlena-Exceptional Navajo Silver & Turquoise Cuff
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One look at the silver and stone and you know that this piece is special. Navajo artist Aaron Toadlena used his creative silver abilities and made this exceptional revival cuff. It does not hurt that the silver surrounds three pieces of very valuable and collectible natural Turquoise Mountain stones. These bluish green spider web filled rocks are not small and are definitely the first things you notice. Aaron has surrounded each rock with a combination of silver styles that include drops, wire, and cutouts. He has used six wire bracelet shank and added traditional Navajo stamp work on each end for a perfect finish. The combination of stone, silver work, revival style, and antique finish make this a magnificent piece of handmade Navajo silver that would be a great piece to add to your collection.