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Pawn Collection-Orville Tsinnie Ring-Great Aged L@@K

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Tsinnie, Orville
Tribal Affiliation:
Main Stone:
Fox Turquoise
Age (circa date):
Circa 1990's 3
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You hear the term “pawn” used frequently with Native American jewelry. It is most often used when someone is trying to describe a piece as being old or just not in that good of condition. Perry Null Trading Company is a “pawn” store and along with purchasing new art it is a big part of what we do. Pawn is simply jewelry that was taken in a transaction where cash money was given as a loan. We keep a piece of jewelry taken in pawn for over a year and if the customer has not come back to pay their cash loan we put it out for sale, what we call dead pawn. Pawn jewelry can represent pieces that are both old and new. At the end of each month we pull our dead pawn and put it out for sale. If you want to make sure that you are really buying authentic Native American handmade pawn jewelry you should do it from a pawn establishment like Perry Null Trading Company. A Trading Company that has been doing business in Gallup, New Mexico since the 1930s.
This ring comes out of our dead pawn collection and is around 20 years old. The piece is made by Navajo silversmith Orville Tsinnie and has his hallmark. Handmade Native American silver and stone is a lot like wine, the older it is the better. This amazing ring has a stunning patina and style that will have you admiring frequently. The stone is a piece of Fox Turquoise that has a crack across the rock. With the big American rock and classic Navajo silver style this is going to be one of your favorites.