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Hopi Hemis Kachin Mana Kachina, Artist Signed

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Mana, Hemis Kachin
Tribal Affiliation:
Main Stone:
Hemis Kachin Mana Kachina
Age (circa date):
Circa 2010's
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When you watch a Hopi Kachina dance/ceremony you are seeing the Hopi People representing their gods. The type of dress, symbols, the motions are all part of personating a god. In the Zuni & Hopi Pueblo cultures everything is alive with a spirit. Those spirits represent evil or good and the Kachinas represent those spirits with the powers, the medicine. The Kachinas have been part of the Pueblo way of life for centuries and the symbols, motions, and dress are recognized by the People. Becoming an expert in the characteristics of the gods leads to the next natural step, recreating these gods in the arts. All of our Kachinas are purchased directly from the artist, most of them are Hopi but we do have Zuni and Navajo. We hope you enjoy the pieces we list and if you are looking for something you don't see to add to your collection, ask and we might have it.Hopi Pachavuin Mana also known as the female Hemis Kachin Mana, if masked their figure is truly a women. Hemis Kachin Mana is placed on the Second Mesa, they bring the beans sprouts, artificial corn, corn sprouts and grass to a village harvest. The crowd is usually lead by Chief Kachinas and Village Chiefs to perform certian rites and wait for the given signal to leave.